Sunday Beach

The Dog House

Mustard was put in the dog house by H.

This Week...

Learning about our new fish Bluey.

He was a present from a school friend and has been lots of fun to look after.

Building and painting planes.

Lego helicopter J got as birthday present. 
He really likes following the instructions for building Lego (it is great to learn how to be thorough and precise when you work) as well as creating his own unique versions of vehicles.
We all love Lego.

Yesterday... 20 Years ago

Wow time does fly by.
It seems like only yesterday we met, but that was 20 years ago.
It seems like yesterday we were getting married, but that was 10 years ago.
It seems like yesterday that we welcomed beautiful J into the world, but that was 7 years ago.
It seems like yesterday we completed our family with the adorable H, but that was nearly 4 years ago.
These yesterdays have been extremely good to us, they have delivered us to where we are today and
they remind me to "live" each day. 

My Ultimate Bathroom and Sittingroom

This has to be up there with the best on my list of luxurious places to stay...
What a lounge room!

(Photographer - Jorg Sundermann)
A see through bath on a see through floor and a huge window overlooking the ocean! Bliss.
Jorg Sundermann

Photos from the Six Senses Maldivian property Six Senses Latitude Laamu.

Dreaming of luxurious holidays or a house that could incorporate these ideas somehow!

The Cowboy Wild West Party

What a day! 
J had his 7th birthday party...
He wanted a Toy story party, so we ended up with this.
Lovely weather, great company, plenty of noise and a house inspection afterwards, very busy but I managed to get more photos this time, except of the food table...there was a stampede!

Party Boys.

The invite I made in Photoshop (see here).

Horse parking made from cardboard box and rope.
 Calico, hessian, scrap fabric on rope bunting.

Wooden saw horse (ply, rope, scrap decking boards).

"No the dog is not going to play horse roping with you H!"

Carboard cactus sponge painted with spaghetti prickles.

The birthday Boy.

The BIG little brother.

Straw bale and sign on ute out the front. 
Horse shoe on front gate.

Toy hobby horse with bandanna and feed bag made out of a brown lunch bag.
The sheriff play house made out of a fridge box.

Wild West sign. 
I made bandannas for all the kids to wear (a triangle of cotton fabric).

Poster made in Photoshop.

Tee pee tent and straw bales in backyard.
(more about the Teepee tent here)

The Two Woodys and one Villian.


White table cloth with red hessian runner. 
Lanterns from IKEA. 
Cups covered in cow print contact paper. 
Brown lunch bags with string and sheriff badges.

Wanted printout from Bookmaking with kids.
I asked the children to draw themselves as a Toy Story character whilst we got the lunch out on the table. 
This was H as Woody (he tried to draw the hat!)

Hessian on table with brown paper runner. Pie plates for bowls.
 Menu in wooden photo frame.
Menu was made in Photoshop.

Bunting made from hessian and black paint.
Mini waffle cones filled with biscuit cake balls and covered in white choc.

Star fruit sticks and quiches were a hit.
The three little ones had a table to themselves.

White chocolate mud cake with maltesers for the birthday cake.
lemon curd cupcakes with italian meringue icing.
Star cookies with fondant icing.
Wagon wheels and strawberry jelly cups.
We also had sticky pork ribs, flat bread roll ups, roast beef on baguette toasts amongst other things.

Mini cookies and cream ice cream with mini oreos in IKEA cups (from the childrens' department).
Square dancing smiling kiddies, which leads me to...

Music from itunes- 
was used for the duration, for background music, musical statues, for square dancing (which was so much fun), for musical chairs and pass the potato head (my version of pass the parcel where each time the music stops you have to remove a piece of Mr Potato head).
I also made a Toy Story Bingo to play at the table whilst we got the food table ready.

We played bullseye magnetic darts (whiteboard with crayon markings) 
and lassoo games, but 
most of the time the children wanted to play in the cardboard boxes, the saloon and ...


The claw game was popular too. 
We made this out of a box and cellophane and filled with little gifts of a mini Toy Story character and Toy Story lolly. 
We had a claw which each child used to grab for a prize.

It seems this was a winner of a party from the feedback so far, good fun for both parents and children.

PS : This was a GUN FREE cowboy party and it was so much better that way!

Wrapping Presents - H can't keep a secret!

We wrapped a few little prezzies for J today, H made a card (under the sea) and it turns out that a 3.5 yr old can't keep a secret...he really, really likes the present. After his nap today, the first thing he said to J was "I want to give you...right now".

Cheeky monkey!


We saw a few of these short bug films last year, J thought they were very funny and then I found this DVD at the Library, so we watched and then J did some drawings of the funny bugs.

H knows this word from a  Word World game on my phone.

I think this one is cute.