On the Move

We are officially on the move as we speak, so it may take a little while to get from "HERE" to "HERE", but I expect there will be plenty of photos in a short while.
See you soon!

Vintage Plane Party

Today was the day, the day H turned 4 (well our party day anyway). It was also a bit of a farewell party.
It was a small party and a lovely day with special friends.
Here is the quick summary...

The invite was a postcard I made from an old book illustration.

The plane made from a box (instructions here)

The Tshirt placemat and 4 block.

 For the decorations I used some Vintage prints (the above one from Typo) on the walls and hung globes and aircrafts from fishing line across the ceiling.

 On the table I used placemats made from wrapping paper and used mini globes (also from Typo) and mini planes. 
I used a trolley to serve (like in the air) the hot food (meatball tomato mini subs) and cold chicken waldorf salad rolls with fruit salad cups.
We also had Hs favourite sushi rolls.
 The dessert table had cupcakes with chocolate planes, caramel cashew tarts, mini fruit flans, meringues, sultana almond mini cakes and the birthday cake was  a double layer chocolate cake with cream and strawberries in the middle and chocolate mousse icing.

Goodie bags were made with $2 cotton bags fromTypo (all the money goes to charity- Bonus!).

We played a few games - musical clouds (kids fly around like planes and when the music stops they must land on a cloud), scavenger hunt for toy planes and most of the time was spent making paper planes and flying them onto a map of the world (if you land in the water you are out!) and then making more planes and flying them around the backyard.

I made little books to go into the goodie bags containing vintage plane pictures and activities, I also popped in a plane eraser, compass, a model plane and some chocolates.
Not as big as the normal parties, but nice and cosy and fun.
Happy Birthday our cute,funny and adorable boy.

A Morning Tea

Busy, Busy

Busy packing, busy party planning, busy with schooling and looking for rainbows... 

 Science craft and experimenting with spices. Mixing different spices together to see what happens and what they taste like (some not very pleasant at all!)