Advent Calendar 2011

 We are ready for Dec 1 with a blackboard calendar. 
Christmas books are wrapped for every day in Advent.
I wonder what other surprises await us?

Cooped up with chickens!

Chickens I say!
Well chicken pox actually.

Cake in Kings Park

 Yummy cakes and a beautiful afternoon birthday party in the Park today.
 Kings Park is huge, so we really need to go back for a full day to play again.

(note the smoke haze from the bush fires!)

Our Red Sun - A Mirror

We were reminded today of the fires down south.
The sun, a mirror, showing us the intensity of the blaze and the smokey haze.

Poetry Today - Cinquain

 What a beautiful day spent with friends.
Today we were introduced to the colourful world of Cinquain Poetry.
We loved this creative greeting!
 By J.
By H (and me).

Drawings by J

Art - People in Proportion

 Our Art lesson this week was about drawing the human body in proportion.
We started with drawing basic stick figures and then adding joints and fuller figures (reinforcing the idea of proportion all the time!)
We looked at how long our arms are in comparison to other parts of our bodies.
Then we traced hands and feet to learn how to draw them in miniature.

 By J.
 By H.
I think we made progress...from a circle with nodules to a real looking hand.

Quick trip to the Beach

Lovely warm water and weather.

Cars Chess

J decided to make a cars chess set.
A little too confusing for me!

Poetry on Friday

Another fabulous poetry lesson with Ms C today. Our topic was Limericks!

 Collaboration by J,E,J,H,C,T

 There once was a giant fly. By H (and me).
There once was a man named Ted. By J.

 Storm by J.
 Sky by H.

Handmade Christmas - Clay Decorations

These are our Christmas decorations we have made for this year, we really enjoyed making them.
I have been wanting to use up the remainder of the air dry clay from our sculpture lesson a few months back and what better way, than to use cookie cutters and make Christmas tags and hanging tree ornaments.
If you have the December 2010 Home Beautiful Magazine you will find the instructions in there and they seem to be popular this year, perhaps because they are so easy to make. 
Simply roll out some air dry clay and stamp or cut to your desired shape, then let dry.
I used a rubber stamp and cookie cutters.
Sand with a nail file when they are dry to smooth out rough bits.
Can't wait to make some more, I have lots of ideas for shapes and patterns.

If you have a doiley you could do this.

I really love these from Paper Boat Press.