The Mini Blues Brothers Concert Performance

 Today J had his big concert day, playing two songs on piano at a school Fete on the Sunshine Coast. One blues song with two other 9 year olds ("the Mini Blues Brothers") and one back up keyboards for a large vocal group and band.
Wow such great performances, so very proud that he had fun and didn't get nervous and played so well, fantastic weather and fantastic music teacher!

 Nanny and Poppy came to visit specially for the day so the boys had a wonderful time.

My New Blog EGG & SEED.

I am working on it right now.

Fishing in the Dam

The boys are spending quite a bit of playtime at the dam. 
Every now and then they find something they haven't seen before. 
Recently J found a tiny prawn looking critter and a few snails.

A Bit of Perspective

There are plenty of good lessons on the net when it comes to Art and this week we decided to do a one point perspective room lesson (Youtube it).
This one by J.

Spring is Early

Warm weather, beach on Sunday...has Spring sprung early on the Sunshine Coast?

Colour Popping Up

 We keep finding little colourful flowers popping up in our yard. There is always something new to discover every week.

We are not sure what is what when it comes to weeds (on the list of things to do), but we are appreciating the beauty of all the flowers at the moment(unless they are strangling the life out of other plants!)

Keeping Busy in the Backyard

 Making concoctions for the birds.

 Playing and making up games on the bikes.