Christmas Concert Afternoon Tea

 Today we had friends over for the 2013 Christmas Afternoon Tea Concert.
Lots of fun, plenty of music, food and 14 talented children and their parents. 
An afternoon of musical performances and outdoor games.
I made some seed packets for gifts and we shared in some yummy
afternoon tea treats.

 Three on the piano and a sax player jamming.
 Merry Musical Christmas!

The Christmas Mouse is Back

Yes Mr .C. Mouse is back.
He found us here in QLD and this time he has his wife and children with him.
We thought they might like some outdoor furniture for their holiday in QLD.
I wonder what they will get up to this time?
This morning we found some tiny paper straws in a mini martini glass, 
filled with watermelon seeds!
I hope they like our vegetable garden and our Christmas tree.

Australia Zoo Birthday Visit

 A few weekends ago we visited Australia Zoo.
It was a special day at the zoo, kids were free and plenty of extra activities on.
We saw most things and managed to go to the animal hospital as well to see the sick koalas.

We stopped to chat to a wombat...
A mother and baby Rhino...

 There are plenty of amazing animals to take photos of.
This zoo is extremely well kept and tidy lush gardens and room for the animals.
Jarrod got a good pic of the kangaroo.

 A lovely bird aviary (I want one of these in my garden yes please).

 This bird said Hi to the boys right when I pushed the button.
 Other activities for kids, included some of the normal fun jumpy thingies
 and some clay making, cartoon drawing and chatting with 
Paleontologist Dr Hocknull,
who has dug up a few relics in QLD I believe.

 We enjoyed the show and the special guests...
 Hmmm does this photo look familiar?

 A great day out and last day with the Mo!