H is Eight

 This week H, our uniquely cute, clever and cuddly son turned a BIG 8 years old!
We celebrated with a hunt for presents, chcocolate sponge and pizza.
J made a special hand drawn card...

 Dad made pizza in 30 degrees...

and we all had a lovely day.
Eight is Great!

Beach Visit

 Nana Margie is visiting from NZ and so we took her to the beach
and enjoyed a swim and a coffee with the Blue Eyed Honeaters.

Science Club - Quadrats

How to study Ants with Quadrats.

Art - Insects and Cityscapes

 The last few Art classes included finishing some 
pastel and watercolour city skylines,
and insect drawing.

Likes to be Different

Nearly Eight.
Likes to be different, but do the same.
Copies his big brother, however is not a pushover when it comes to being the youngest.
Knows how he wants his photo to be taken!

Chicken Run in Two Days

That was the deal, I get the chickens and we build the predator proof run
in two days.
Recycled materials where possible.
 With some green touches it will be lovely.

Lego Inspiration

 Today we spent an hour looking at Lego displays...and getting inspired.
We can't wait to program our Mindstorm to solve the Rubiks cube!!!

New Feathered Friends

We have welcomed the new chickens and they have thanked us with eggs!

Science Club - Theory of Evolution

Today at Science club we discussed the theory of Evolution.
We are enjoying science with Dr Joe and our friends.
The first part of the lesson consists of a lecture/information talk,
 aimed at high school level, with plenty of time for questions, 
then we have time for make and do activities in the last half hour.
This week was interesting as we discussed the Theory of Evolution and other things as they popped up.
Fossils provide evidence that support the theory and so we looked at these 
and created our own fingerprint fossil to bury in the backyard 
for the future scientists of 21005 to find.

 Most our our friends attend science club and it is good to share our interest in Science with them.
 We also learned that Dr Joe considers himself a creationist. 
There are many definitions of the word and it depends on who you are speaking to as to their view on this, but Dr Joe is definitely passionate
and loves learning and teaching about Science and all it's theories.

Art - Inspired by Leonardo

 By H.
This lesson in art was all about drawing what we see, not what we think it should look like.
Drawing the munch bites in the leaves so to speak!
We then used watercolour to wash over our sketch.
By J.

Art- Sketching Realistic Portraits

BY J. 
This week at art class we spent some time looking at the skull and 
noticing where our features sit on our face.
It can be quite mathematical!
After some sketching and rubbing and more sketching, we came up with these
  BY H.

Science Club with Dr Joe

This was our first Science Club.
We discussed adaptation and made a model of a "new animal" 
which had adapted to a specific environment (such as the Rainforest).
Can you guess an area that these animals may have adapted to live in?
Long legs for climbing trees, big eyes for seeing at night, 
strong beak for cracking nuts, and colourful feathers for attracting a mate.
We enjoyed our first Science Club.