Fathers Day

This year we went out to lunch for Fathers Day.
Had a relaxing day after the big Saturday party.
Happy Fathers Day 2016.

80's Dance Party

Last Saturday we had a blast back in the 80's.
It was a fun party idea which my lovely friends turned into a birthday bash.
Everyone dressed up and bought 80's food.
Both guys and girls looked great and all the kids had a ball 
dancing to our crazy music.
What a great bunch of friends we have found here.
(note: Magnum PI and Richard Simmons on the left)
We danced all night until our legs were sore.
We only really stopped for cake!
I was surprised by this beautiful 
french patisserie creation my friend organised.
It was definitely worth stopping for.
Thank you all for a memorable evening.

Art this Week - Watercolour Koi

By J.

By H.
This class was big on instruction and hands on demonstrations.
We sketched the fish in pencil, copying a photo.
The artist helped us apply the paint in places and showed us where to
start and how to do areas such as the eye.
This is an A3 size paper, which means working fast,
spreading paint and water quickly.
It is good to learn from demonstrations.
Now we need to practise this technique.

Dancing Classes

This Term a group of friends have been learning dance.
Salsa, jive, Waltz and Cha Cha.
The kids are loving it.
I am loving it too.